The Dove and Wolf 

     The Dove and wolf are my registered trademark. Its true title is God Is Always with You.  I know what you are thinking, "How do you get that out of that picture, and what are those symbols?"  That is understandable.

     A couple of years ago when I was still teaching, I had a student who was and is extremely talented in art. I taught Spanish, not art, but we did a unit where his talent became very prevalent. His painting would rival the masters of all time. Since we were studying Spanish artists, part of my students' assignments was to paint a picture in the style of the artist that each had been assigned.  This particular student chose Diego Velazquez. (I'll let you look up Diego Velazquez.) Velazquez' paintings and style were way over the abilities of this student...I thought. I asked him if he would like to change his artist.  He said no. I pushed a little more and asked him if he was sure and showed him pictures of Velazquez' work on the internet.  He kept telling me, "No, I'm fine." Well, I knew I would have to give my student some leniency, and that was fine.  This assignment was mostly done outside of class and took almost the full second semester to be completed. During that year I got to know my students quite well. This young man was such a delight in every way. He was  and is a Christian. I think that is why he liked Velazquez.  Velazquez painted Christian paintings, specifically Christ, almost exclusively. The due date of the students' paintings came, and one by one they brought their paintings in and placed them in the designated area. When this particular student brought his painting in and placed with the others my eyes about popped out of my head! I was blinking my eyes because I could hardly believe what I was seeing. He had taken his inspiration from two of Velazquez' paintings and married them, but in his own changes and work. It was Christ on His knees praying as in the garden; Christ was looking up toward heaven, yet above and to the right of Him was Christ nailed to the cross! It was as though Christ, while praying to the Father, saw Himself nailed to the cross as what was to come. What a powerful painting! It took everything I had to hold back my tears and gather my voice so it would not crack. Everyone in that class and my other classes, as well as faculty members, were completely blown away by this painting. There is no doubt God has great plans for this young man. Let's call him Carlos.

     The next year Carlos enrolled in the next level of my Spanish class. I was so happy he did. He worked hard despite some of his hardships.  I knew I was going to be retiring and was going to be starting business for myself.  I didn't know at the time it was going to be writing, but God's got a great since of humor and need-to-know bases about some things. I do love my Jesus! Anyway, I had this idea for a trademark, but I am no artist. While talking with Carlos one day, I told him of my plans of retirement and asked if he would be interested in just doing a little drawing for me for my trademark.  I explained to him it comes!...I would like picture of a wolf because I am of the Cherokee wolf clan, and a dove to represent the Holy Spirit. I told him since this was for my business I would of course pay him for it. He said sure. We chatted for a few more minutes and then went on about the day. Well, school goes on and with all the work of teaching and such we never really got around to talking further about the drawing.  It was the last day before Christmas break. The students are all excited, and we are trying to wrap up the 1st semester.  The bell rings. The students are headed out the door as fast as they can, except for one, Carlos. Carlos is lagging back as the last of the students go out the door. Then he rushes by my desk and lays a paper sack on it and flies out the door before I could hardly say bye!  So of course I was had to know what was in the paper bag. I open the bag and pull out this amazing 11" X 13" canvas painting! I sat down and started crying like a baby. It is so beautiful. I wish you could see it in person. The symbols are not on the actual painting. I added them in digitally to the photocopy to make the trademark. The textures and details to this painting are so incredible, like the light that hits the dove's eye. As I was looking and trying to take in every element of the painting, I turned it over. Well, if I hadn't been crying enough, now I was bellowing like a baby calf with tears pouring out of my eyes so hard I could not see. I had to shut my door so people wouldn't see me. On the back of the canvas, Carlos had written, "God Will Always Be with You."  The heart of Christ is surely in this young man! I only asked for a simple sketch or drawing, but the painting was a gift a gift from Carlos's heart. I could not pay him for this gift because there is no amount of money that could touch the meaning of his gift to me.  He ran out because he did not want me to pay for the painting; it was a gift.  Later, the next semester, we talked about it. I told him I would never try to pay him for the gift, but for the idea and the paintings likeness of which we had first talked, I would  pay him. He agreed. Since then I have had the opportunity to pray with Carlos on a couple of occasions. Am I blessed or what?!

     Lastly, those symbols, the ones above the head of the dove say Holy Spirit/Jehovah, and the one above the wolf's head says wolf.  The wolf represents me.  The Dove or Holy Spirit is always with me and guides me.  That my friends is the story of the Dove and the wolf.